Live Review: Kasabian at Kentish Town Forum, 20th April 2017

Honestly, reviewing Kasabian is hard.

Without falling into clichés, Kasabian live is one of those had-to-be-there moments, and the greatness of the experience is hard to express to someone who hasn’t ever seen them, let alone someone who doesn’t really know their music. They’re also one of those bands where you do just get a few drinks before, because it’s Kasabian, which makes reviewing it even harder, as the gig blurs into one happy evening of excitement.

Now almost six albums deep, Kasabian are in that happy position where they have so many big hits that they can just rattle through them in a consistent best of-esque set. Yes, you could argue that a lot of their songs sound similar to each other, but at a Kasabian gig, I feel like there’s no room for criticism, and whether ‘Underdog’ and ‘Rewired’ are similar is irrelevant, as they simply are one of the greatest live bands in the world (trust me, there aren’t many bands I would draw £60 out of my savings for the week before payday).

I stood at the far right, almost at the very front of the stage, and almost naively said to my friend that I hoped it wouldn’t be too moshy or filled with annoying people, fully aware that I sounded about 60 years old in the process. Half an hour later, I realised that we were the annoying people dancing too much! The band opened with ‘Comeback Kid’ (still unsure if the lyrics to that are ‘make cheese in a bedsit’?), leading straight into ‘Bumblebee’ and ‘Eez-Eh’ (shamelessly one of my favourite songs of all time).

Tom, Serge et al. have never lacked in confidence or bravado, but it feels like they’re truly back on a bigger level that ever before, exuding charisma and getting everyone in the crowd involved. The atmosphere at Kasabian gigs is hard to beat.

New songs are interspersed with the old, including ‘Bless This Acid House’, which isn’t instantly impressive but certainly has potential, and ‘La Fee Verte’, which Pizzorno plays on his own. He jumped into the crowd and stood right next to us during 48:13’s ‘Treat’, which was pretty great, and ‘L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)’ was also a highlight, as one of my favourite songs by them, it’s always great to watch it played live. Noel Fielding also popped onto the stage during ‘Vlad the Impaler’, reliving his role in the music video, and the band ended magnificently with ‘Fire’ (of course). I had such an amazing time, and am slightly concerned that promises that I won’t go to the stadium tour they’ll undoubtedly be announcing soon after their album is released may not be fulfilled (sorry bank balance!).


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